Here at MTLBlog we’re always on the lookout for 2 things.

Snow and celebrities.

We already covered the snow today so now it's time for celebrity gossip.

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So when we see a post that mentions DJ Khaled might be coming to Montreal, we just can't ignore it.

Olivier Primeau, the owner of Beach Club has been doing surveys on his Facebook page to ask the people which artists they want to see playing next year.

So far the list includes:

  • Steve Aoki
  • Tiesto,
  • Diplo
  • Calvin Harris
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Luke Bryan
  • Drake
  • and ... Eminem

But there's one guest in particular that caught our attention.

DJ Khaled!

Fans were asked if they would like to see DJ Khaled play a show at Beach Club and the reaction was overwhelming.

Of course this is just speculation, so there's no guarantee that DJ Khaled will be coming to town, but like we said in the case of Eminem:

If anyone can make it happen, Olivier Primeau can.

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