It seems as if almost any store you can think of has already introduced some sort of option for online shopping. Now you can usually do all of your spending from the comfort of your home without even stepping foot outside, which begs the question of if we're extremely innovative or just really lazy.

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TL;DR Dollarama will be launching their own online store in Quebec tomorrow, with 1000 available for order. A fixed delivery price of $18 will be set, and products will only be sold in bulk. More details below.

There are a few stores that are still living in the stone age, with no option as of now to shop online, meaning you'd actually have to go into a store looking semi-presentable and talk to people. One of those stores used to be Dollarama.

Yes, the place you go to buy food for $1 and everything else you could ever find for less than $5, we can all admit we have been to Dollarama at least a few times to save heaps of money. The only problem was that they didn't offer any way of ordering products online.

Well, this is about to become a thing of the past. Dollarama Canada is about to release their online store, meaning you can purchase all of the same inexpensive products without ever having to leave your house!

The online store will give you the opportunity to choose from 1000 different products. You can even narrow your search for a specific item if you shop by activity or certain department, which Dollarama has made easy to do.

Then, you can order as much as you want (seriously, the more the better according to President and CEO of the store) for the fixed delivery price of $18.

Although anyone will be able to shop on the new site, Dollarama is mainly targeting small businesses, the housekeeping market, schools, health facilities, caterers and restaurants. The online store would also be perfect for event organizers who would need to buy in bulk.

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This totally makes sense, because Dollarama won't be opening cases from its suppliers to sell products individually. Meaning if you ordered something you'd end up with multiple copies of it, sometimes up to 288 units per box.

The bad news is that most of Canada won't be able to experience the joys of shopping online at Dollarama just yet. During the "pilot project phase" only Quebec will have access to the delivery option, once any bugs can be fixed and everything runs smoothly, more provinces will be given special access to delivery options.

So, if you live in Quebec, be prepared for the official online store opening tomorrow. If you're in need of some super cheap products in bulk, you'll definitely be in luck.



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