Okay, raise your hand if you love eating at restaurants, but you're not a billionaire so you cannot sustain your restaurant addiction as much as you'd like to.

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Is your hand raised? Mine is, friends.

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It's true that eating out is quite the experience... but it can also be quite the struggle if your finances aren't as on fleek as you'd like.

Until now, that is. 

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Le Warehouse (1446 Rue Crescent) is a Montreal restaurant situated on Crescent street, in Downtown Montreal, and is here to make all of our food-related dreams come true.

They serve up dishes like grilled cheeses, hamburgers, mac and cheese, tacos, and more... all for the price of $4.95.

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The world's best comfort foods, for under $5? I don't know about you, but that sounds like paradise to me.

Oh, and they also serve drinks at super inexpensive prices (like shots for $3.75, which is the best news I've ever heard in my whole life).

Le Warehouse is open from 11 - 3 every day.

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Sound like the best spot you've heard of so far? Then check out Le Warehouse's Facebook page and website for more information.

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