The police of Quebec City tweeted out a photo this morning of a scene one doesn't see very often: a truck stuck under a bridge.

It appears that no one was injured, which means that we can laugh about this a little bit. The truck's mobile box, which must have been slightly raised, caught on the bridge.

The accident happened on the boulevard of the Versant-Nord, on viaduc Henri IV in the early hours of the morning. The road has since been reopened.

TL;DR A truck got caught on a bridge, in an accident that you don't see everyday. The boulevard du Versant-Nort was briefly closed, but has since reopened. No one appears to have been injured, and engineers have concluded that the bridge remains structurally sound.

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The Service de Police de la Ville de Québec tweeted this out around 5:00 a.m Wednesday morning:

The road was blocked between the avenues  Lestres and Chanoine-Scott for close to three hours.

This allowed mechanics to move the truck. Engineers were also on the scene to determine wether or not the structure had suffered any damage.

That's something you don't see everyday...

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