Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, is back in Calgary, Alberta to continue shooting Jumanji. Along with Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Danny DeVito, and Nick Jonas, Jumanji was a huge blockbuster hit in 2017. You might remember the original with Robin Williams in 1995. 

On Tuesday, The Rock posted a photo on his Instagram page that shows him arriving in Calgary. In the caption, he says that "my brain was flooded with crazy experiences here" and that "I have a deep reverence for this town." 

Dwayne Johnson's career kind of kicked off in Calgary because he signed his first professional football contract for the CFL's Calgary Stampeders before he hit it big as a pro wrestling superstar. For The Rock, Calgary is the city where "having only 7 bucks in [his] pocket all began."

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TL;DR Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is in Calgary to shoot Jumanji! The international superstar began his career in the Canadian city, signing his first pro football contract for the CFL team. He credits Calgary for making him into the success he is today. If The Rock loves Canada, that definitely means we're the best, right?

It's unknown whether his equally famous co-stars are also in Calgary, but one thing is for sure, Dwayne Johnson is having the best time ever.

The Prairie town was a key figure in his formative years as a budding professional athlete. 

In the above video, Johnson is seen in an undisclosed location with the Canadian Rockies in the background.

He says that Calgary "shook him in the best possible way" and that it's "good to be back."

This morning, he was officially named as Time Magazine's Man of The Year 2019. 

The Rock is a prolific movie star with 9 movies currently in the works, according to IMDb. Most recently, he starred in the film "Fighting With My Family" and in the HBO show "Ballers".

Johnson still makes some appearances in the WWE ring, most recently competing in the Royal Rumble in January. 

Johnson is also a producer, entrepreneur, a father and fitness guru, amongst other things. To list his total accomplishments would take a while, but let's just say that The Rock is probably the biggest superstar in the world right now. His line of Under Armour clothing is constantly sold out and his hit NBC "The Titan Games" is one of the highest-rated competition shows on T.V.

If you're in Calgary and happen to spot the international megastar, take your time to say hello, you might just get a selfie. And if you do, be sure to tag us in it @MTLblog! The Rock absolutely loves his fans.

Jumanji is slated to come out sometime in the next year so stay tuned! 


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