If you're not living under a rock,  you probably heard that this week that emergency management officials are testing a new national public alert system via cellphone.

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Test signals were meant to be sent to mobile users across Canada. Depending on the type of device and cell phone providers, citizens are to expect to hear a tone similar to an ambulance alarm or feel a vibration for 8 seconds.

These tests are being run after the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ordered wireless providers to roll out a strategy to distribute warnings of imminent safety threats such as tornadoes, floods, Amber Alerts or terrorist threats.

This morning the tests for Quebec were scheduled for 9:55 AM.  As you also may have realized you're phone did not sound with any funky sounding alarm or vibrations.

That's because a glitch caused the test to totally fail.  According to a source from the CRTC the underlying issue did not come from cell phone providers.

The issue actually originated between emergency management in Quebec and Pelmorex Corp., which operates the emergy alert system.

Officials of the CRTC point out, at least this was a test and not a real emergency.  I guess this is exactly what testing is for.


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