Earlier this week, it was announced that Hurricane Michael would be making its way north across the U.S., eventually ending up in Canada.

As of yesterday, Florida has issued an emergency evacuation in preparation for the waves, wind, and rain that are ravaging the coast of the state.

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TL;DR Environment Canada has confirmed that the category 4 Hurricane Michael will be making its way to Nova Scotia as early as this Friday. Heavy rainfall is expected as well as updated warnings into next week.

Although Canadians may have thought we had a bit of time before we needed to start worrying about the dangerous category 4 hurricane making its way to the country, it turns out we might want to start preparing ourselves pretty soon.

Environment Canada has confirmed that Hurricane Michael will be travelling to Nova Scotia this Friday, shortly after becoming a tropical storm.

The storm will bring massive amounts of rain to the province, which could lead to dangerous flash-flooding.

There remains a bit more uncertainty as the hurricane moves northward, but it could end up bringing even worse conditions to Canada's east coast.

Officials are unsure as to how long the hurricane will torment Nova Scotia, as dangerous rainfall warnings remain a possibility next week as well. 

Via Environment Canada

The special weather statement covers the entire province of Nova Scotia.

Via Environment Canada

Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall are also expected in Quebec and Ontario, so it's safe to say eastern Canada is going to be under horrific conditions for the rest of the week.

Stay tuned for more information on Hurricane Michael's arrival in Canada.


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