Whenever there is a threat of severe weather, Environment Canada puts out an alert to inform citizens in affected areas.

And apparently, we've got some severe weather coming, if the current Environment Canada Warning is any indication.

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TL;DR Montreal is likely about to freeze back over into an icy wasteland, according to Environment Canada. Warmer temperatures are about to start dropping rapidly throughout the afternoon, turning puddles into mini ice rinks and slush piles into mini mountain ranges. Stay safe out there, Montreal!

Via Environment Canada

The current urgent warning from Environment Canada is notifying people that Quebec is going to experience a flash freeze.

A warning is usually issued between six and 24 hours in advance, although there is no guaranteed timeline.

The forecast predicts temperatures will fall rapidly in the following areas:

  • Montreal Island area
  • Longueuil
  • Varennes
  • Laval
  • Châteauguay - La Prairie area

Water and slush that have accumulated due to the current warm temperature are bound to freeze as the cold comes in this evening.

Via Environment Canada

This means that "highways, roads, walkways and parking lots" are likely going to become icy and inevitably dangerous and slippery.

The warning of a "flash freeze" goes into effect when the forecast calls for a "rapid drop in temperature" and the Environment Canada hopes to warn citizens of the slippery repercussions.

The current temperature at the Montreal Trudeau Airport is 3°C and temperatures are expected to start dropping within the hour.

Via Environment Canada

By 4 pm the temperature will drop below zero, meaning freezing of water and slush could be in full effect as people leave work at 6pm. 

Overnight the low is forecasted at -12 and is expected to stay below zero into the morning tomorrow.

This means that even if you can avoid a commute this evening, tomorrow morning will likely not be much better.


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