• Environment Canada has issued a Frost Advisory for several regions across Southern Quebec.
  • Temperatures are expected to reach near-freezing overnight.
  • Full details on the regions affected as well as Montreal's weekly forecast below.

Sure, sure, it seems like just yesterday we were reporting about when to expect the peak fall foliage in Quebec, and now we're here telling you that there are already frost advisories being issued for regions in Quebec?

I know, it seems ludicrous, but such is this game we call weather.

The forecast is like a box of chocolate in the outstretched hand of an eccentric but lovable Mother Nature, as you wait for the bus on a public bench.

You just never really know what you're going to get, from one day to the next.

But Environment Canada does their darndest to make sure we're kept up to date and ever-aware of what's coming our way.

And what's coming our way tomorrow is apparently a nice nippy bit of frost as temperatures are expected to drop to near-freezing overnight tonight.

Take a look at the effected regions below, along with advice from Environment Canada if you've got a green thumb and have some plant babies to care for.

The map below highlights the regions in Southern Quebec that are to be impacted by the overnight frost.

The frost advisory indicates that temperatures will drop to the "near-freezing mark overnight tonight," Thursday, September 12th, meaning these regions are going to wake up to a visit from Jack Frost on Friday the 13th.


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Below is a list of regions included in the advisory:

  • Abitibi
    • Amos
    • La Sarre
    • Lebel-sur-Quévillon
    • Malartic
    • Rouyn
    • Senneterre
    • Val d'Or - Louvicourt
  • Chibougamau
  • La Tuque
  • Lake Bouchette
  • Laurentians Wildlife Reserve
    • Apica Mountain
    • Grands-Jardins Park
    • l'Étape
  • Matagami
    • Joutel - Matagami
    • Miquelon
    • Desmaraisville
  • Parent - Gouin Reservoir

Because temperatures are expected to drop to near-freezing, those of us that like to keep some greenery around are going to want to "take preventative measures," according to Environment Canada.

This means if you've got tomatoes or other veggies in the garden, consider wrapping them in clear plastic or a tarp. You want something that will trap the warmth of the ground while still letting in any warmth from the sun. 

Honestly, I've seen a trash bag or trash bin used in a pinch, as well, as long as there are no holes to let the cold air in.

As for Montreal, we're still looking at nice warm days for the next week, with temperatures only getting as low as 10°C overnight.

In fact, you'll see that next Thursday is forecasted to be 24°C, and The Weather Network even indicates that it's going to feel closer to 27°C.


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