This morning it was announced that Quebec is expecting what might be the biggest snowstorm of the year this week. In case you hadn't already heard, Environment Canada issued a special weather alert, warning people in Eastern Canada that up to 40cm of snowfall is on its way starting Tuesday afternoon.

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TL;DR Environment Canada is advising Quebecers to work from home on Wednesday if they can, as it will apparently be the best day of winter to do so. Roads with have very low visibility due to blowing snow. Air Canada has also issued their own travel alerts and flight delays this week. More details below.

Since the weather alert will be affecting most of the province, we've all been wondering when we would receive word on the overall travel conditions for the rest of the week. 

Well, it turns out Environment Canada doesn't have very high hopes for travel during the winter storm. On its website, the agency is warning people in the Montreal area of "rapidly accumulating snow" that "could make travel difficult over some locations."

"Visibility will be suddenly reduced to near zero at times in heavy snow and blowing snow," the alert continues.

One Environment Canada spokesperson even told CTV News that people should stay home from work if possible, especially on Wednesday, when the commute could be hazardous.

Even Air Canada has issued travel alerts for all of its flights east of Toronto, with delayed flights possibly leading to cancellations.

The Gatineau and Montreal regions will be the first to receive the undesireable weather, with at least 25cm of snowfall expected by tomorrow morning in Montreal. According to an Envrionment Canada representative, Quebecers are being advised to avoid travel. 

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Basically, the entire province will likely be having a snow day tomorrow.

Montrealers can expect heavy snowfall until Thursday of this week.

Stay tuned for weather updates and more information on conditions this week.


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