This winter (or fall, really) started out as such a beautiful, snowy wonderland. I was so happy. But now, it’s clear we won’t be getting a white Christmas this year. Not only are we having a weekend that essentially feels like spring, but Environment Canada is now also telling people in Quebec it might not be safe to travel.

The warning covers most of southern Quebec, including the Montreal metro area.

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TL;DR Environment Canada is warning people in Quebec that it might not be safe to travel, seeing as we're supposed to get a mess of freezing rain, regular rain, and snow dumped on us for the next three days.

The warning is in part because we can expect freezing rain coming in this evening followed by heavy rain and potentially some snow to top it all off. This weather is travelling in from the north of Quebec as a result of an abundance of moisture coming in from the Gulf of Mexico.

All this messy moisture is going to make for terrible road conditions, not to mention treacherous sidewalks and some dangerous airport runways.

Environment Canada is saying roads could become "extremely hazardous" and, as of this afternoon, "travel is not recommended.” The trajectory of this miserable weather begins in Southwestern Quebec and will move toward Central Quebec in the middle of the night. The eastern parts of the province will catch their share tomorrow morning.

While it seems like fun to have spring temperatures in December, the result is really just a ton of rain, and that’s looking like what Friday will shape up to be. Rain.

Saturday is going to have its share of snow but, again, it will be mixing with rain, guaranteed to cause a slushy, slippery mess.

To top it all off, Environment Canada has also released a smog warning for Montreal. They believe it is likely due to an increase in the use of wood-burning fireplaces. The smog should dissipate at the end of this evening once the rain kicks in.

Read the entire Environment Canada warning here!

Stay safe!


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