While it has become commonplace to smell burning in the Montreal metro, a real fire is a whole other story, and reports are showing that Sherbrooke metro station has been evacuated due to a fire.

While we don't have any details on the origin of the fire, below are several tweets from people who were either in the metro and were evacuated or who have been left without service elsewhere on the Orange line.

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TL;DR An equipment problem on the Orange line has disrupted service. The STM has not said when regular service will return, however, Sherbrooke metro station was evacuated because of what passengers believe was a fire.

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Tweets started pouring in about the evacuation at Sherbrooke Station.

Several people also tweeted the STM code that they heard over the loudspeaker.

If you aren't familiar with the Metro codes you can see them all here.

900 means there is a specific emergency,  while the 5 indicates the emergency is a fire.

The tweet above reads: "I like how @stminfo announces a "service slowdown" while they are evacuating Sherbrooke station..."

The STM did finally address the evacuation, though they did not stipulate that there was a fire, only that there was "equipment problem."

We will, of course, update this article with any details about the "equipment problem" or fire if they become available.

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