Today marks the 19th anniversary of Google, and the uber-popular search engine is actually giving us a gift on its birthday: tons of games to play. 

Google’s Doodle for its 19th anniversary is a “surprise birthday spinner,” where you can spin a wheel and play a random game from times past. 

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Each game featured is a throwback to a playable feature from a past Google Doodle. There’s even Snake, a new addition, so you can feel like you’re gaming on a Nokia cellphone from 1998!

If you want to play a specific game, like Pac-Man or any of the other 18 featured, you can just search the game’s name on Google and you’ll be able to play in your web browser. Leaving it up to chance can be tiresome, anyway. 

Get playing here. 

And here’s a quick rundown of all the games you can play on Google today: 

1. Tic-Tac-Toe

2. The Special Halloween Game (where you play as a wizard-kitty!)

3. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

4. Snake (Secret Search game)

5. Earth Day Quiz

6. Bug Cricket

7. Solitaire 

8. Scovile scales/Ice Cream Vs Pepper

9. Armadillo Valentine’s Roll

10. Animal Sounds

11. Arpeggios 

12. Birthday Piñata

13. DJing

14. Theramin Lessons

15. Galapagos Islands Interactive

16. “The Break” Hip Hop 

17. Pony Express

18. Fischinger Music Visualizer

19. 1-Minute Breathing Exercise 

Get Playing Here!

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