Every year when the new Starbucks holidays cups come out, someone finds a reason to get offended by them. 

First they were too "Christmassy", then they weren't "Christmassy" enough, then people thought Starbucks was waging a war on Christmas.

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And it's not just Starbucks, McDonald's has also been accused of releasing risky designs, like this one that looked a lot like man bending over and spreading his butt-cheeks.

But now some people are freaking out over what seems to be a pretty innocent design. 

Sure it has some Christmas references, but that's not whats's pissing people off. Pathetically enough, it's these hands they are bothered by:

Why you ask? Well because some people are saying that those hands on the cup may or not be of a same-sex couple.

It's also hinted at in this promo video that shows two women holding the same coffee. 

Fox news even went as far as accusing Starbucks of pushing ‘gay agenda’.

However Starbucks claims their cup was intentionally designed so their customers can interpret it in their own way. So whatever these people are getting offended by, perhaps it's all in their own head. 

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