Lately, Meghan has been doing rounds as the Duchess and attended all kinds of charity and social events. What a life.

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TL;DR Meghan Markle attended a public function and when she arrived, she proceeded to close her own car door behind her triggering an internet frenzy of comments.

Recently, Meghan went to the Royal Academy of Art in London’s Piccadilly to attend an exhibit “Oceania” which featured artwork from New Zealand, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga, and Australia.

Looks like Meghan is preparing for an Australian tour she will be taking next month with her husband Prince Harry.

Normally, during such public outings, Meghan's outfits make headlines. However, for this particular visit, something unusual immediately caught the attention of the public. 

The Duchess of Sussex – wait for it – closed her own car door.  

People are in utter shock. Forget the stunning Givenchy dress she wore, the highlight of the day was a small gesture that showed the entire world that Meghan is not a robot but she a living breathing person just like you and me.

You might be rolling your eyes right now thing "so what!" Meghan Markle doesn't deserve a medal for closing her own car door.

In the context of the Royal Family and all of the crazy outdated "rules" they are required to strictly follow, this small gesture is most definitely unusual and shows Meghan's true character.

The simple proof of this is the public's strong – and generally positive – reaction.

Here is the full video, watch carefully, it's only a few seconds.

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