Montreal’s Valérie Plante is on the move this week, heading out of the city on her first international trip as mayor of Montreal. 

Plante’s entrance into the world of international politics will begin in Chicago. 

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For the next two days, Plante will be in Chicago for the North American Climate Summit. Plante will be joined by municipal leaders from Mexico, Canada, and the United States where the mayoral-collective will tackle climate change issues. 

Strangely, however, the City of Chicago didn’t get the memo that Plante is the mayor of Montreal. 

A press release for the North American Climate Summit posted on the City of Chicago website specifically mentions Denis Coderre as the acting mayor of Montreal. 

Hopefully Plante’s arrival won’t shock anyone. 

After the Chicago-based summit, Plante is travelling beyond the borders of North America to Paris. 

While in Paris, Plante will be attending the International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA) first “Conference of Paris,” where  “the major challenges facing the global economy” will be discussed, according to the event’s website. 

Plante is among the speakers for the event and (correctly) listed as the Mayor of Montreal.

Aside from the Conference of Paris, Plante will also be holding diplomatic and economic meetings in the City of Lights, reports CTV Montreal. The mayor will be conducting meetings of a similar nature in both Lyon and Brussels. 

Plante released a statement regarding her international debut, saying she aims to create “concrete economic results for Montreal” while abroad, especially when it comes to “innovation, transportation and sustainable mobility.”

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