I personally always wonder what the heck ex-officials get up to after they are no longer working for the city. Where do they go? What do they do?

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Well, it looks like ex-mayor Denis Coderre isn't wasting any time and is back in the working world. But I must be honest, I didn't exactly picturing him in this industry, the music industry that is. 

Turns out Mr. Coderre is now a special consult working for Stingray, a Montreal-based music company that, according to their website is "the world-leading provider of multiplatform music products and service". They specialize in music channels, karaoke, music videos, and much more. With over 400 million subscriptions in 156 countries, this is no small company.

Via Stingray

So seeing as he lost out in the last election to Valerie Plante, instead, our man Denis is now in control of strategic planning, issues management, regulations and government relations. I mean, honestly, good for him.

Stingray is definitely making good use of his international contacts seeing as their business outside of the country will greatly help with their expansion. That is pretty much Denis Coderre's main job: to help them get bigger.

Stingray president and chief of operations, says that they are eager to make good use of Mr. Coderre's leadership, determination, and international expertise. So let me be the first to wish him the best of luck. Hopefully, he finds new purpose in this.

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