Facebook has started to remove comments from the group Yellow Vests Canada after several people began making threats towards the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

The group has over 100,000 members and things clearly got out of hand despite administrators' attempts to reign in the language and content of the group.

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TL;DR Several members of the Facebook group Yellow Vests Canada have been making death threats against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which were exposed by the Twitter account shown below. Facebook has started to remove the comments from the group and the RCMP is actively keeping an eye on the group. 

Facebook was able to remove the comments because they very clearly violate the community standards of the social media website, which stipulates against hateful and violent speech.

Many comments called for the Prime Minister to be "shot." Other asked, "Why hasn't anyone shot him yet?"

The group, Yellow Vests Canada, is a response to the yellow vest protests that have been going on France as of late. Supporters label it a protest for "economic justice."

The group seems to care about two issues: carbon taxes and immigration.

In the description, the group states they are protesting politicians who are selling "our country's sovereignty over to the globalist UN and their tyrannical policies."

The Prime Minister's Office does not offer comments on matters of security, thus they've not made any remarks on the issue as of yet.

Online death threats are no different than those made in real life, so the RCMP has been informed and are keeping an eye on the group.

The comments were brought to light via a Twitter account called "Yellow Vests Canada Exposed," which made a point of tracking the violent comments and then tagging the RCMP and the CSIS. 



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