As part of its effort to remove white nationalist organizations and rhetoric from its platform, Facebook has banned 6 Canadian accounts, according to Global News. The accounts have been taken down under the "Dangerous Individuals and Organizations" policy, the CBC clarifies.

Faith Goldy, a Canadian nationalist who espouses what many describe as racist views, is among those who have been banned. 

The Trump-supporter and former candidate for mayor of Toronto has taken to Twitter to express her frustration. "Our enemies are weak and terrified," she claims.


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TLDR: Faith Goldy is among the Canadians now banned from Facebook for espousing white nationalist views. Most Canadians on Twitter are ecstatic.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Canadians have taken to Twitter to celebrate the move by Facebook. Many say that Goldy has finally received her just deserts.



Others are mocking Goldy.

Despite some posts that voice support for Goldy, most are glad she's gone.

Many are deploying Goldy's own views against her:

Some are laughing at her response.

Some hope this is just the beginning of a larger effort by social media companies.

In conclusion, Canadians are pleased that Facebook has taken steps to remove harmful rhetoric and those that would perpetuate it.




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