Mont Royal is one of the best places in the city to escape the concrete jungle and get a little relaxing nature time in your life - that is until a gang of obese raccoons come waddling across your path and send you running for your urban metropolis.

These furry overweight bandits are becoming a big problem on Mont Royal, with an estimated 140 of them becoming fat and/or sick because people are continually giving them junk food. On top of that, they're also no longer nocturnal because they've learned to take advantage of the food people are bringing up during the daytime, and can often be found out and about in the sunshine at the Camille Houde Parkway look-out.

The Montreal Parks department is now actively urging people to stop feeding the raccoons. Despite the fact that it's forbidden by city bylaws, and that there are signs everywhere reminding us not to do it, people are still giving their leftovers to these "little" guys.

While I'm as much of an animal lover as the next person, and understand how cute it can be to share your sandwich with a new fuzzy friend, this needs to stop. People, just stop feeding the damn raccoons!


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