You've heard of a Sharknado before, or at least you're aware of the existence of the hilariously awful movie franchise. 

But a Fishnado? That doesn't sound as scary. 

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That is until you're sitting around, minding your own business and it fish start raining from the sky!

On Tuesday morning rain began to fall over the city of Tampico in Mexico. Onlookers started freaking out when they noticed several small fish falling from the sky and landing on the pavement.

Now before you start thinking it's a sign of the apocalypse (which was supposed to be September 23rd actually), you should know that while this is strange it's not unheard of. 

Here's what happened:

According to The Weather Network, the unusual "fishy rainfall" was likely the result of a waterspout. When they form over water, they can suck up small fish which are then dropped out of the sky. 


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