Every year you see videos of people going crazy on Black Friday in the United States, and every year we hear about someone who got killed fighting over a TV or a parking spot. 

Of course we don't get too worried when it comes time to go Black Friday shopping here in Canada, because that sort of thing doesn't normally happen on this side of the border. 

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But it seems like the United States' madness is contagious because over the weekend, for the first time ever, a Canadian man named Yonis Barkhadle was shot and killed during Black Friday.

The incident happened at 6:20 pm in the parking lot of the South Keys Shopping Centre in Ottawa. 

This is the 12th person who has been killed during Black Friday and the 2nd person who has been killed on Black Friday in 2018 alone.

The other incident happened early on Friday morning.  There was a mall shooting in Alabama that left one person dead and 2 wounded, including 12-year-old girl.

If anyone has any information about the incident you can contact the Major Crime unit in Ottawa right here


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