We don't often talk about trucks or vehicles in general on MTLBlog, because when we do, no one seems to give a crap.

But this truck might be the one exception to rule.

It's the latest 2016 Ford F-150. But it's not just any Ford truck, it's a limited edition Carey Price F-150.

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If anyone deserves to have their own pickup truck, it has to be Carey price. He's pretty much already a cowboy, minus the hat. (What am I saying? He probably has a hat. ) And every cowboy needs a good pickup truck.

According to the promo video, only 100 of these will be made, so if you're planning on snatching one up, you'd better hurry.

The truck comes in 3 colors and you can choose between the Special Edition and the Ultimate Edition.

Each truck comes with:

  • 2 numbered plaques
  • A signed hood
  • Personalized designs on the side
  • An authenticity seal on the tailgate
  • A certificate of authenticity, with your name signed personally by Carey Price
  • And an autographed Shirt.


Check out CareyPriceEdition's website for more information.

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