France is under attack right now, held under siege by "la tempête Gabriel" a massive storm of 5-10cm of snow. Schools are closed, people are advised to stay off the roads, and planes are unable to take off. Currently, 41 000 people have no electricity.

Meanwhile, in Quebec, people are having a good laugh at their expense.

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Tl;DR It snowed in France and the way the French are reacting to it have got Quebecers in stitches. Below are the best Twitter reactions to this event.

It's no secret that Quebec has brutal winters, and this year has been no exception. However, though we like to complain, Quebecers are pretty hardy people. We put our hats on, grab our warmest boots and enjoy the outdoors as much as we can. The reactions to last week's terrible weather are proof of this.

And this quality of ours becomes especially evident when we compare our reactions to snow to those coming out of France. The people of Twitter are having a great time dragging our cousins from accross the pond.

This user can't believe that they christened this "storm," as if it was a hurricane or something.

Maxime reminds us of the disparate reactions between the Quebecers and the French, saying "apparently it's going to snow in France tomorrow? Here everything is going just fine."

That is a pretty impressive mountain of snow...

And this tweet speaks for itself:

This next tweet reminds us that life isn't always fair. While French people get to stay at home all day today, us Quebecers still had to make our way through the snow to get to school or work this morning.

The weather is, unfortunately, not an excuse to be late in Montreal, as this tweet says.

And I needed to end this post with a side-by-side comparison of the Quebec and France. Yeah, they've really got it bad over there...

To people in France, this seems like "the end of the world," as the Tweet below points out.

"4 to 10 cm of snow paralyzes France... this really makes us laugh in Quebec [...] When they send settlers to New France they sent STRONG people who don't retreat in the face of adversity."

Let's hope our French brethren stay safe!


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