Being February 29th, and thus a "Leap Day,"it only seems suitable that something extra special should happen. I mean, we only get an extra day added to February once every four years, so there should be some form of celebration.

Unfortunately, most of Montreal doesn't really seem to think the same, save for David's Tea, who is making 2016's leap day an extra special free-tea-affair.

In praise of the Lord of Leap Day (okay, not really, but I can make this sound as pagan as I like, okay?) all David's Tea locations will be doling out the free tea all across Montreal. Just head in, ask for some tea, drop a "yo, it's Leap Day" and the whole purchase should be on the house.

No specifics were given on the Facebook event page whether the Free Tea Day celebration extends to beverages beyond tea on the David's menu, so you'll have to ask when you head into a shop. Still, it isn't like we should get greedy and not be jazzed on the notion of entirely gratuitous tea.

Montreal Free David's Tea Day is going down today only, during the regular business hours of all David's Tea locations. To find out more (or confirm that this isn't an elaborate hoax on tea-lovers) head to the official Facebook event page.

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