Just this morning, Netflix Canada announced a new change that no one will be happy to hear about. As competition amongst streaming service heightens, the mega company has announced a new price hike on all subscription plans.

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Top 10 Most Savage Tweets About Netflix Canada's Price Increase

TL;DR Netflix Canada has announced a major price hike on all monthly subscription plans. Below are just some of the angry tweets by Canadians in response to Netflix.

The basic Netflix Canada plan will be raised by a dollar, making it $9.99 per month. The price increases only worsen from here in the more popular monthly plans.

The standard plan will now cost $13.99 per month, an extra $3. The most expensive prices are saved for premium subscribers, which is definitely the most common plan.

With this subscription you get ultra high definition 4K video, and you can have up to four simultaneous streams at once. The new price? $16.99 a month, $3 more than it had costed before.

In response to the unpleasant announcement, Canadians aren't being shy at expressing their rage and resentment of Netflix right now:

Netflix has also announced that the new prices are effective immediately for new subscribers, while pre-existing users will be notified by email before receiving their next bill.

The main purpose for the price hike is supposedly because the added charges will help fund new Netflix series and films, but it just doesn't look like many people are convinced.

And while most of us are pretty furious with the new prices, some Canadians are turning to humour to express their concerns with the streaming service:


How do you feel about Netflix Canada's new price hike? Let us know! Stay tuned for more information and breaking news about the streaming service.


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