If you're a fan of the show Game of Thrones, you know that winter is coming. I mean, c'mon, they've been promising that for 6 seasons now. 

But here in Canada, winter is already here, so it's the perfect place to film some on-location footage for the lastest season of GoT. 

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But there's another reason why Banff, Alberta was recently chosen by the producers of the show, giant wolves. 

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Alberta actually has some of the biggest wolves in the world, and as you probably know, wolves are a big part of the show. The Stark children were each given a direwolf as a gift, and a couple of them (Like Jon Snow's wolf, Ghost) actually have pretty important roles. 

So far it doesn't look as though an major scenes will be filmed there, but we can always hope. After all, Maisie Williams was hanging out in Banff National Park a few weeks back so it's not entirely impossible.

And did we mention that both Stark sisters from Game of Thrones will be in Montreal this summer? Yeah that's totally happeneing. 

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