A large part of downtown has been totally shut down due to a gas leak on Sainte-Catherine near Crescent Street.

As of now, there are no details about the leak and its origins, but we will update this article as we get more information.

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TL;DR Downtown Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street near Crescent has been closed due to a gas leak in the area. Side streets nearby are also closed. 

Policemen did not provide any details aside from the intersection that is most affected. 

Which building is responsible for the leak is still unclear, though firemen were congregated between the Starbucks and Trois Brasseurs on Sainte-Catherine at Crescent Street. 

According to one eye-witness report, the leak was caused by crews who were already working on the gas lines.

Via MTL Blog

Side streets in a four to six block radius in the area have also been closed.

We don't know yet when the street will re-open or what the circumstances of the leak are.

Via MTL Blog

Though it is safe to assume that the leak has something to do with freezing temperatures in Montreal today. 

There have been several gas leaks in the city in the past couple weeks. 

Via MTL Blog

Stay tuned.


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