It was a Sunday evening in late April and the owner of a local beer bar in Waterloo Ontario was getting ready to close up shop when he noticed a large unidentified animal waddling through his parking lot.

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By the time to the owner was able to catch a proper glimpse of the creature it had already made its way up to the back door of the bar. Maybe he was thirsty for a pint?

It was only when he got a close look at the animal that he realized how large it actually was. About 30-40 pounds with a big floppy tail. Yep, sounds like a beaver to us too.

Although it's unclear as to why, it's suspected that the beaver wandered away from it's home - Waterloo Park - a marshy spot in the area that beavers like to call home. 

Beavers might look all cuddly and cute, but IRL they are wild animals that could present danger if not handled with care. That said, it took seven people to contain the animal including two police officers.

Thankfully, the little Canadian mascot was brought back to its marsh home safely, where it will hopefully stay for the rest of the season.


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