The Canadian government and citizenry alike take conservation very seriously. With some of the most majectic scenes and diverse ecosystems in the world, Canada has featured its natural features as a point of national pride.

But there are some creatures we'd rather do without. Invasive species pose a direct threat to the ecological balance of the Canadian natural landscape.

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In recent months, fishers, swimmers, and scientists have reported swarms of giant goldfish in Canadian waters. The news is both creepy and gross.

In Saskatchewan and Ontario, giant goldfish infestations have reached critical levels. With no local predators, the fish are free to thrive and grow, with some reaching the size of small dogs. This photo will make you squirm.

The populations descend from originally small pets released into streams and, yes, live fish flushed down the toilet.

The news has underlined the dangers of disposing or releasing fish into the wild. The fish can wipe out populations of local fish while gold fish carcasses can release parasites into waterways.

As peak fishing and swimming season begins, keep a keen eye out for these giant critters scouring the floors of Canadian lakes. While some appear bright orange, others wear shiny gray scales.

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