Montreal is a city that loves street performances.

We gather to watch artists painting murals, we enjoy outdoor circus shows and we spend hours watching free outdoor concerts and performances.

But now, Montreal is about get invaded by a world renounced street performance unlike anything you've seen before.

Giant, Mechanical Robots. (So many awesome words packed into once sentence.)

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If you've never heard about these giants, they are the brain child of a France based street theatre company called Royal de Luxe.

This troupe of inventors, builders, performers and stunt-men gather their skills to unleash gigantic creatures upon unsuspecting cities.

We just got word that The Géants de Nantes will coming to Montreal in May 2017.

The giants will be wandering through the streets of Montreal (preferably where there's less construction) for 3 whole days starting May 19th.

We wanted to see which of their amazing creatures they were planning on unleashing upon the city and as it turns out, La Machine will be bringing creatures exclusively designed for Montreal's 375th anniversary.

So who knows what kind of mountie/beaver/moose/hockey/lumberjack related monster they will come up with.

Check out their website for more information.

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