Yesterday we found out that Post Malone was spotted in Montreal and people got super excited. 

Not only is it awesome that he's in town, but it's the reason for his visit that made everyone so happy. He came just to hang out, which is the most flattering reason for any celebrity to come here. 

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This morning we were looking to see if anyone else had run into the self-proclaimed rock star and instead we came across the most hilarious Instagram hashtag ever!


In the last month, Instagram makeup artists have been trying to recreate Post Malone's face tattoos using makeup and the results are absolutely amazing! 

What's even better is that they're all women. 

@personabylivembedded via  

But they didn't stop there. They also started recreating his facial hair and some even went all out and decorated their teeth as well. 

@thepowderrooomembedded via  

Seriously, this may just be the greatest internet trend of all time. 

You'd better start practicing drawing swords, barbed wire and cursive letters on your on face because Post Malone Makeup will definitely be a very popular Halloween costume this year.  

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