When Justin Trudeau pledged to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada, citizens reacted with strong emotions. Some praised the decision, understanding the need to help refugees in need of safety.

Others deplored the initiative, with no other reasoning than pure xenophobia, although I'm sure they would say otherwise. But dissenters of Canada's decision to welcome thousands of Syrian refugees might change their mind after they watch this video.

Created by Google as a "thank you" to all of those who helped incoming refugees transition to life in Canada during their time of need, the short video focuses on one family's rather heartwarming story. Yes, the video kind of functions as a an ad for Google Translate, but it's touching nonetheless.

Give the video a watch above, and on behalf of MTL Blog, to all those in Montreal who have helped (and continue to help) Syrian refugees who have come to our city, we thank you too.

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