Gweneth Paltrow's goliath company and brand - Goop, has been under a great deal of public scrutiny lately.

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Goop has a cult-like following of women that compares to that of Martha Stewart or even Oprah's level of fandom. However, unlike centerpiece and casserole making Martha Stewart and book reading and advice giving Oprah, Gwyneth's brand Goop has zeroed in their efforts and brand personality by selling and promote health and "wellness" items and advice that explicitly targets women. 

The health and wellness advice and products endorsed by Goop have garnered a great deal of controversy and scrutiny for their questionable scientific merit.

In the most famous example, Goop claims that the jade eggs, sold for $66 and inserted into the vagina, would improve sexual pleasure and prevent uterine prolapse. Medical professionals like gynecologist and obstetrician Jennifer Gunter have come forward to say that this claim is based on pure pseudo-science and is the "biggest load of garbage" they've read on the site.

That said, Goop was prosecuted for these products and their dubious scientific claims. On Tuesday, the lawsuit brought by the Santa Clara County District Attorney and nine other state prosecutors finally came to a settlement.

The results: Vaginal Eggs "were not supported by competent and reliable science."

As a result, the company has agreed to refund anyone who purchased these vaginal eggs between January 12, 2017, and August 31, 2017.

According to a source at Arstechnica, Goop has also agreed to no longer make any claims "regarding the efficacy or effects of any of its products without possessing competent and reliable scientific evidence that substantiates the claims."

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Goop will continue to run their business. After all, they do sell a lot more than just vaginal eggs. Ironically enough, Goop will probably receive a ton of attention – and sales –  due to the results of this lawsuit. 


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