Well it isn't Carrie Fisher, that's obvious, but it is a woman!

As many of you know, today is the day the new Star Wars Movie comes out. To celebrate I decided to bring you a fun fact I stumbled across earlier this week when I lost track of time reading Wookiepedia pages. (Yes, that's totally the name of the Star Wars Wiki).

That's when I discovered something that made me very happy:

Greedo was played by an actress born in Montreal named Maria de Aragon!

Photo cred - themarysue

Greedo of course was the the green Rodian bounty hunter who was chasing down Han Solo in the original Star Wars: A New Hope. When he finds Han at Chalmun's Cantina on planet Tatooine, he holds him at gun point.

If you know Star Wars, then you know that even though Greedo only had a few moments on screen, this scene sparked the infamous controversy known as "Han Shot First"

In the original version from 1977, we see a closeup of Greedo's face, you hear Han's blaster and then you see Greedo dying over a table. George Lucas thought that it made Han Solo look like a "cold blooded killer" even though most of the fans thought it just made him look like badass.


In 1997, when the Special Edition came out, the scene was edited. This time Greedo shoots first, he misses, and then he gets shot by Han.


For more on Maria de Aragon, check out her IMDB Page.

And since we kinda felt bad for misleading you with that Leia cover photo, here's the rest of that photoshoot.

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