In case you weren't already aware, October is literally right around the corner.

The spooky month is going to begin next week and with its arrival comes haunted events, amazing festive food and drinks, beautiful fall foliage, and of course the main attraction we've all be waiting for... Halloween day!

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TL;DR This year Montrealers should expect the days leading up to Halloween to be drenched with rain. On October 31 itself, AccuWeather has predicted that temperatures will get as cold as -3°C and bring tons of sleet to the city. 

With the way the weather has been lately it's hard to predict what we should be prepared for on the day of trick-or-treating. With a winter forecast that promises temperatures as cold as -45°C it's safe to say we should get ready for just about anything Canadian weather is gong to offer.

The good news is we finally have the official forecast for Halloween in Montreal, the bad news is you're going to wish you were spending your haunted evening somewhere else.

Via AccuWeather

The weather is going to be absolutely miserable. According to AccuWeather, Montrealers should expect the days leading up to Halloween to be full of heavy, non-stop rain. 

As for the big day itself, October 31 is offering us temperatures as low as -3°C coupled with sleet! Periods of rain will also curse the city throughout the day.

@wintermtlembedded via  

Seriously, people, SLEET! At this point we should just start wishing for it to snow, as it would be much more welcome than the wet and slippery slush that will be filling up the busy streets.

The Halloween weather will be comparable in Toronto. There, snow may even interrupt spooky festivities.

Via Accuweather

Hopefully this disastrous weather doesn't foil your Halloween plans this year. Although you may just want to incorporate rain boots and a winter coat into your costume.


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