Perfectly creamy and crunchy, Caesar salad is a North American favorite, well - Canadian health officials have announced that six Canadians have been infected with a strain of E.Coli that has a similar genetic fingerprint to romaine lettuce from the southwest region of the U.S.

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This strain of E.Coli has already affected 149 people in 29 states in the U.S. 

At the moment, it's still unclear whether the Canadians in question picked up the E.Coli in Canada or U.S, as two of the six Canadians traveled to the U.S  and ate romaine lettuce there prior to getting infected.

The six Canadian illnesses occurred between late March and mid-April in four provinces — one each in British Columbia and Alberta and two each in Saskatchewan and Ontario. 

None in Quebec, yet. 

That said, so far only one Canadian was hospitalized and thankfully no deaths have been reported in Canada.

Health officials say that they are investigating the issue to get to the bottom of it and to finally determine if the contaminated romaine lettuce is in the Canadian market - if yes,  Canadian Food Inspection Agency will recall the product as required.

South of the border to the U.S has not been as lucky. At least 64 people have been hospitalized including 17 with kidney failure. And so far one death, which occurred in California.

As delicious as Caesar Salad is, it would be advisable - at least for the moment- to switch out romaine for another type of lettuce.


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