Oh no Hedley, looks like #TimesUp on your tour! 

The Hedley boys are the most recent celebrities making headlines for claims of sexual misconduct, by several women - including underage girls. 

As a result, they've been uninvited from the Junos, been dropped by their management and have been slammed with unapproving messages and posts in social media.

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They responded to the claims with a classic cliché, offering kind words of support and strength in the women stepping forward in the #MeToo movement - all while denying any allegations made to themselves. 

Hedley's Cageless Tour made a stop at Montreal's Place Bell, and judging by these social posts - it seems that fans don't want to see the band anymore.

@karo.desorcyembedded via

Hedley has been offering refunds on their tour to those who no longer want to attend - an unprecidented move for an event that is not canceled.

In Montreal last night, they played to an underwhelming crowd with less than 40% of an audience turn out. About 3,900 out of 10,000 came to support the Canadian band.

An article from the Ottawa Citizen about the band's gig at TD Place Arena on Tuesday night, claiming that despite offering refunds - the venue was full! Some Instagram posts beg to differ.

@marshall14_embedded via

Seems that the results of their tour are a mixed bag. Some fans are standing with the band, and have started an #IStandWithHedley hashtag around their Cageless Tour posts. 

We are watching this story and will see how the rest of Canada turns out to support, or hate on Hedely. 

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