Rape allegations against Hedley's Jacob Hoggard are really causing some problems for the band. Not only are they facing all kinds of backlash from the media and their fans, but they are actually losing the career they've built for themselves bit by bit.

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First of all, there's the fact that their opening acts are dropping off the face of the earth. Many of them, such as Shawn Hook and Neon Dreams, feel that they cannot in good conscience work with the band. The tour is still going on as planned, but I predict that Hedley hasn't seen the last of their criticism. 

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Most importantly, they've been blacklisted by radio stations across Canada including CBC Music, Virgin Radio, Corus Radio, and Bell Media. Hedley music is banned from their radio stations and is no longer being played. 

They've even been completely dropped by their managers! Watchdog Management and The Feldman Agency issued a statement last Friday that they are dropping the band. Rightfully so, because if we look at what Hoggard says, we can see that he really isn't as remorseful as he should be.

As is said in a CBC news article from last night: "A statement from Hoggard's lawyer says the singer is very sorry the woman is upset, "but that does not change the fact that they made a mutual plan to get together to have sex and they did just that" 

Even WE Day, the philanthropic children's charity has decided to no longer work with Hedley. They have been replaced. They've also been banned from performing at the Juno awards. People want refunds. People want answers. This may be a hit that Hedley won't survive. 

Want to see more? Just check out the #outhedley2k18 

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