The 2018 Olympic Games are now over!

As we get ready to welcome back our Olympic team of Canadian athletes and champions, I took a look at all the exciting happenings that went down at this year's Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang!

It was the best year, ever, for Canadians! 

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Canada slid into the third spot for most medal winnings at the 2018 games, but we shattered our own record and took home the most medals EVER for our country. That's a major win! Go Team Canada!

Here are the official top 5 medal standings by country 2018 Olympic:

Via Olympics

Aside from our accomplishments making this our best Olympic year, ever, these are the other note-worthy accomplishments by our Canadian heroes:

  • Eric Radford became the first openly gay athlete in the world to win an Olympic Gold medal.
  • Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue became the most decorated Figure Skating Dance Team in Olympic history.
  • Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris make Olympic history as first-ever Gold medalists in Curling mixed doubles event.
  • Mark McMorris shattered expectations winning Bronze after a staggering list of injuries as a result of crashing into a tree just 11 months before.
  • Meagan Duhamel saves dogs from controversial dog meat industry after winning gold
  • Speedskater Denny Morrison, who nearly died from a motorcycle accident, and suffered a stroke - competed despite expectations he would not make it through.
  • Kelsey Serwa took home a gold medal in snowboarding on her 3rd Olympic venture
  • Mikael Kingsbury wins the gold medal, adding to his list of world records.
  • Kim Boutin, who won 3 medals in her Olympic Debut, named Canada's flag-bearer for closing ceremonies.
  • Alex Harvery finished 6 seconds short of the podium behind 2 Russians in Cross-country Skiing. This is his athletic retirment.
  •  Alex Gough, Sam Edney, Tristan Walker and Justin Snith won the silver medal in Luge.

Alex Gough, Sam Edney, Tristan Walker and Justin Snith winning a Silver medal that cannot be taken from them was a big win. Coming off the heartbreaking and controversial issue about Russia doping at the Sochi 2014 games, Team Canada slid into bronze after the IOC retroactively banned Russia. A decision appealed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport February 1st, 2018. 

They got their medal, after all this mess regarding Russia. Congrats, boys!

In less than exciting news, Canadian Skiier Dave Duncan, his wife and coach Willy Raine - son of famed Canadian Olympian, Nancy Green-Raine -were all arrested yesterday for stealing a Hummer and driving it while drunk.

They were taken into police custody and released shortly after, and the IOC issued a statement before the 3 made a public apology for their discretions.

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