So, the Federal Budget was released last night and it's a 367 page-long convoluted and pretty much incomprehensible document. But I'm here to help you with that. 

There's a whole lot going on in our country and a lot of money being thrown around. But if we really think about it, there are only a couple of things that are actually going to matter to most everyday Canadians. 

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They Still Don't Care About Giving Us Affordable Housing

The government was asked by different city and tenants rights groups to give a little more funding to create more affordable housing. But, once again, they were shut down. Though we have it pretty good here in Montreal, Canada will just have to deal with the high rent for the foreseeable future. 

There's Much More Talk Of Gender Equality

The presence of a gender narrative is definitely something to pay attention to. There is new funding to encourage both parents to take parental leave and to get more women into the workforce. They're going to be looking into harassment and violence, definitely a victory for Canada. 

Also good to know, in 2016 the federal budget the word gender was only used a meager twice, but this year it was used 358 times! 

Cigarettes Are Going To Cost More Money

Sorry smokers! But now, there's going to be a dollar increase in duty for cigarettes. Taxes are also set to go up and up every year.

English Speakers Are Getting French Forced Onto Them Some More 

The Action Plan for Official Languages is going to be getting some funding this year. They're going to spend about $400 million dollars in total, and some of that is going to go towards offering English-speaking communities in Quebec services for their official language. 

So basically, what that means is that they're going to be promoting the French language all over Quebec. While I'm all for the French language, I'm also for the English one. Know what I mean? 

Marijuana Education Is Becoming A Priority 

The government is going to spend $62.5 million dollars on campaigns to educate the public about the dangers of drug use. They're also going to be targeted many at-risk communities, including different indigenous communities.

Seeing as the legalization of weed is still set for late summer 2018, they're also going to spend 10 million on research, surrounding the impacts on mental health.

Workers Are Going To Make More Money

The government is going to be changing up the tax credit system in the Canada Workers Benefit. It's going to start in 2019 and apparently, it's supposed to be generous and accessible to low-income workers. 

If all goes well, couple or single parents earning $25,000 a year could get more $717 more than they did in 2018. It's only a little difference, but it's still a difference! 

There's Going To Be More Cybersecurity

They're going to be spending over 500 million dollars to create a Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, and the RCMP with be getting a National Cybercrime Coordination unit. And, it's about time! The last time online security got an update was in 2010.

Apparently, Canada has been hit with a lot of cyber attacks from Chinese internet addresses. The Treasury Board, the Department of Finance and Defence Research and Development Canada have been the victims so, they aren't taking the situation lightly. 

They Care A Little More About The Environment

Around $260 million dollars is going to be allocated to Climate Change Action Plan. They also created a new conservation fund! The government even decided to dedicate $3.2 billion to science and research over the next five years. 


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