With all the new Netflix Originals in production these days, more people should consider this as a potential way to make a couple bucks...

A couple of weeks ago, my parents were approached by a production company that is currently working on a Netflix Canada Original Series.

The series being filmed is Locke & Key and I've got all the details on how you can offer up your own place to be a film location.

And I'm here to spill the tea!

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TL;DR Almost every Canadian province has a website that allows you to upload your property into a database of potential film and TV locations. Scroll down to find out how in your province!

Usually, a location scout will come to you because they've seen the outside of your house and it looks like the kind of building they had in mind for the show. Or sometimes, the exterior of your house matches the soundstage they've built to film a show or movie, so they'll use your house simply for exterior establishing shots.

But you can also offer up your property in most provinces so that you are part of a database of properties that are considered available as production locations. 

Of course, every production is different and budgets will differ, but my parents, who live in a moderately-sized bungalow were offered between $5000 and $8000... for one day of shooting.

They were also assured that any damages that occurred because of filming would be fixed to the original state or better. The crew will ask if you are willing to have renovations or alterations made to the property, which would also be repaired or made whole again after shooting.

If you want to put your property up to be an available space, check out the site below that corresponds to your province!


List your property with the Ontario Locations Library, hosted by the Ontario Film Commission. This document outlines stipulations and FAQs.


Register a new location with the Quebec Film and Television Council.

British Columbia

Register your property with Creative BC's Location Database.

Nova Scotia

Screen Nova Scotia has a "Starring Your Property" program where you can register your property for productions.


Alberta Film asks that you contact them if you are interested in having your property used as a filming location. You can do so by calling or e-mailing their Locations and Logistics Support department here.


Manitoba Film and Music provides a document that outlines what is required if you want to be considered as a location for filming.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador has a Film Development Corporation where they list production locations based on regions.

While there was no obvious database available or a place to register, you can contact the Film Development Corporation here.

Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and PEI all have organizations dedicated to film and TV production in the province, but no obvious database of filming locations or options to offer up your property for consideration. 

If you live in one of those three provinces and know how I can update this list to include those resources, please reach out and let me know.

There are also non-provincial run companies like Set Scouter that let you list your property and they work with huge brands like McDonald's and Universal.

And to everyone else, happy filming!

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