Let's face it, we've all worked hard to get our Instagram accounts to where they are. We post photos and videos our followers will enjoy, we connect with new and old friends and most importantly, we're usually proud of the follower count we've gained. There's no doubt that Instagram is the most important social media app right now, which is why the entire world is outraged at the brand new changes.

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TL;DR Overnight the Instagram users across the world have lost hundreds, thousands and even millions of followers due to what was suspected to be a purge by the social media app itself to remove bot accounts. According to Instagram, however, this is due to a bug. Below is a compilation of tweets on the event.

Without any announcement or heads-up, thousands of Insta-users logged into their account yesterday to discover a significantly smaller number of followers than before.

Seriously, we're talking hundreds, thousands and even millions of followers GONE suddenly. So you're probably wondering where did all of these followers go? With Instagram's only comment on the problem being a quick tweet, people are starting to become extremely impatient.

Thankfully, there is a pretty simple explanation as to why your followers have disappeared. While some suspected the sudden purge on accounts had to do with Instagram wanting to eliminate bots from the platform, the social media giant says it was simply due to a bug that it aims to fix. 

The number of followers people have been losing is pretty big for it all to just be bot accounts. A few dozen? Sure. But now we're seeing accounts lose over half a million followers. With people also seeing different follower counts pop up depending on if you're using the website or app, the whole situation is quite suspect.

In the meantime, take a look at how hard this sudden change is hitting the Instagram community:

It turns out that not even celebrities are safe from the mysterious loss of followers...

Needless to say, everyone is just extremely confused right now.

We can only hope that Instagram will release another statement (with more details) later today.


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