We have been told to expect updates today regarding Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou. 

Kouakou, 10-years old, was reported missing last week and Montreal police, family members and locals getting involved have been putting in a lot of effort to find the missing child any way they can. 

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This week, Montreal police deployed divers into the Rivière des Prairies to search for any sign that Kouakou may have drowned. 

As of today, Montreal Police are reporting that the number 1 hypothesis of Kouakou's disappearance is by accident. 

"For right now, I can tell you that we're not capable of saying without a doubt that it's an accident, but that is the number one hypothesis," Cmdr. Ian Lafrenière.

"That's why the investigation is ongoing."

Lafrenière goes on to say that Ariel was last seen by a woman, who had also spoken to him in the park around 11:30 AM that morning. 

"She left the park. We have cameras that show that young Ariel entered the park, but we do not have any that showed he left it," he said.

Divers spent the past two days searching the Rivière des Prairies but saw no sign of Kouakou. The search along the river was called off by Montreal police. 

Kouadio Frédéric Kouakou, the boys' father, continues to reinforce the idea that his son is alive and was abducted. Their family won't give up on trying to find him, and they shouldn't.

The investigation is ongoing and police "haven't closed the door" on any scenarios.

Volunteers have come out in full-force trying to help find Ariel. The family had posted a small reward for any information that could help find him and launched a campaign to raise money to add. 

The total award has spiked up to $100,000 thanks to concerned supporters and volunteers donating funds.

You can help and donate to that right here. 

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