In good spirit of the upcoming legalization of cannabis in Canada this fall, Oh Henry! has plotted a limited edition release of it's candy bar with a little twist. 

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A nod to all recreational stoners, the new snack is called "Oh Henry! 4:25" and can already be found in selected stores! The chocolate bar's name is, you guessed it, in reference to the popular celebration synonymous with marijuana usage and takes inspiraton from the hunger cravings that are brought on 5 minutes after 4:20.

The company first announced in April it would be coming out with a limited edition product this Summer and it looks like that promise has just been fulfilled. 

Oh Henry! 4:25 is not an edible, nor is it cannabis infused. Hershey Canada has released the bar as a muchie option. The company's initiative is to target the hunger that stoners typically get after marijuana use, rather than make a cannabis product for the actual market.

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As ironic as it may seem, Hershey Canada's old headquarters in Ontario now belongs to one of the largest licensed producers in the cannabis market, Canopy Growth Corp.

The product can be found in a few convenience stores and gas stations this summer only, hopefully you're one of the lucky ones that gets their hands on this new treat!

You can watch the full ad for the new candy HERE.



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