There is definitely no shortage of variety when it comes to chocolate bars. From traditional milk chocolate, to bacon, wasabi, chilli, lavender or matcha chocolate, the options are literally endless.

But just when we thought that we had seen it all, Hershey released the "Gold" bar. Why is this one different? Well, it contains zero chocolate.

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The Hershey Company describes their newest creation as "Crunchy, salty, sweet and creamy". The bar is made of caramel crème combined with peanuts and pretzels and according to them, its fantastic.

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I know what you're thinking, how can we even call this a "chocolate bar" if it has no chocolate in it at all?

I agree with you on this one, a chocolate-free "chocolate bar" seems kind of... disappointing. But it actually looks pretty good! When I first saw the photo, I could've definitely been fooled into thinking it was actual chocolate.

According to Fortune, the candy bar was concocted with their sponsorship of the U.S. Olympic Committee in mind, and they have some awesome athletes backing them up! 

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Whether this "non-chocolate bar" excites you or not, we've got to hand it to Hershey for coming up with such a unique concept.

This is also their first new bar in 20 years, and only the fourth flavour in 117 years, which makes it pretty exciting for sweet-lovers everywhere. 

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Unfortunately, the Gold bar is not available in Montreal at this point. But, we're hopeful that we'll get our chance to taste it soon. But, if you can't wait, it will be available in the U.S. as of December 1st. Sounds like a pretty sweet road trip to me!

For more info on this new treat check out the Official Hershey Website.

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