If you've been reading the news lately, you probably noticed that everyone is discussing the legalization of weed that is quickly approaching (October 17th).  

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TL;DR Canadian officials have put up signs warning weed-consumers that the drug is still illegal in the United States after the American border protection agency said it would ban for life anyone who admited to using the drug.

Whether it's your friends discussing which dispensaries are best to buy this drug, your coworkers debating the legalization, or your mom reminding you that even though it's going to be "legal" that doesn't give you an excuse to smoke it, this is the hot topic on everybody's mind. 

Even though your friends seem to be carefree about marijuana, the federal and provincial governments are taking this very seriously. 

Recently, there have been talks about cities across Quebec that want to implement a new law, where individuals would not be allowed to smoke marijuana in public places (parks, streets, residential areas). 

Not only that, but border patrol officers in the U.S. are cracking down as well. We all know that possessing weed can lead to problems in the States, where marijuana is still illegal federally.

But now officers can view your credit card history to see if you've purchased marijuana! The worst part is that they don't even need a warrant to do this. 

It's not all bad, because at least Quebec is warning individuals not to bring or smoke weed in the U.S. 

A new, straightforward sign that's been spotted at the Lacolle border crossing in Quebec is the first evidence of this effort. 

Check it out for yourself! 

Via u/Halfbloood

What do people think of this? Well, in the comments under the post, people seem fearful of things to come. 

Check them out:

Via cabbage_morphs|reddit

Via ApolloRocketOfLove| Reddit

And others have taken a more lighthearted approach: 

Via jackredrum|Reddit

Via quantumphilisp|reddit

Where else will these signs be posted across Canada?


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