I'm of the personal opinion that caleches are really not the best thing. Some of you might agree with me, some of you might not, but at the end of the day, I really don't think it's cool to subject horses to questionable conditions just so that we can ride around all fancy-like.

This morning, we came across something that pretty much affirmed my position on this.

A video submitted by an anonymous MTLBlog reader shows a horse pulling what seems to be an empty (!!!) wagon,  colliding with a car, losing its footing, and then galloping off through Old Montreal.

Watch below:

A video posted by MTLBlog (@mtlblog) on

The video was accompanied by this description:

"Le cheval arrivait assé rapidement sur Peel direction sud, aucun cocher, la lumière était rouge et il est entré en collision avec la voiture qui circullait direction ouest sur Wellington.
Tout juste eu le temps de partir l'enregistrement, c'est arrivé au coin Peel et Wellington a 10h25, il n'avait personne a bord de la calèche!"

So, basically, the horse was galloping down Peel, traversed a red light, and collided with a car... All of this on its own, without a coachman.

Friends, I have no words.

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