With more Montrealers beginning to ditch cars in the city as well as the updated lines and added stations, métro is becoming the most popular mode of transportation. 

Above all else, who doesn't enjoy saving a bit of money? Since the STM announced the fare increases staring July 1st of this year, who doesn't want a chance at getting some free rides during their daily commute? Turns out there are quite a few ways to travel for free on both bus and métro and many incentives STM offers.

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If you haven't heard of this before, maestro status basically grants you exclusive travel-related benefits. Anyone who acquires maestro status has the ability to offer free rides to their friends from 6PM to 5AM on weekdays and ALL DAY on weekends! (If you have subscribed to either the OPUS à l’année or the OPUS & Cie program for more than twelve months [regular fare], you could be entitled to Maestro status). 

OPUS à l'année

By snagging this yearly subscription program for the STM bus and métro you can actually get 6 MONTHS of free rides! The only catch here is that you have to pay for the first 6 months, and STM completely covers the rest of the year. 

Family Outings

This is a great incentive to travel around the city with the kids in your family. Up to five people per group age 6-11 can ride public transit absolutely free after 4PM every day if travelling with at least one adult. 

Event-related offers

Turns out there are some amazing offers on events in the city if you travel there by STM bus or métro. Not exactly free métro rides, but you are getting more for your money! You can get up to 30% off on hundreds of restaurants and stores in the city, as well as some other sweet deals on activties in Montreal. All you have to do is present your valid STM fare.


STM regularly holds contests that'll win you free rides, exclusive offers and VIP status on all métro platforms. Although their current contest has just closed, they are constantly opening new ones for those who enjoy a little competition (and free stuff.)


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