Since Donald Trump's presidential campaign took off in 2015, we've all become familiar with the MAGA slogan and others created in imitation. Even two years later, there are still stores supplying merchandise with the signature Trump saying. Much to our dislike, stores in Canada have even been spotted taking part.

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TL;DR Over the weekend Hudson's Bay accidentally stocked one of their Vancouver locations with "Make Canada Great Again" hats similar to those popularized by Donald Trump. Below are just some of the outraged tweets sent to the retailer by Canadians.

Vancouver residents were shocked on Saturday to find that Hudson's Bay, a store that we've definitely all shopped at before, had their very own line of "Make Canada Great Again" baseball caps and winter toques.

The Pacific Mall location quickly removed the products from the store after a series of hateful tweets targeted Hudson's Bay, but the damage was already done.

A Bay representative says that the hats were originally removed back in October, as Narcity reported, but were accidentally restocked at this location. Although The Bay promises they never meant to offend anyone, it's hard to believe they didn't see this coming.

Needless to say, not many Canadians were understanding of the incident:

Some called out the company for its American ties.

It also looks like this isn't the first time the Hudson's Bay sourced their product designs from America...

Needless to say, using a slogan almost identical to that of Donald Trump will never sit right with Canadians.

The responses are harsh, to say the least.

Twitter was furious.

We can only hope that Hudson's Bay listens to its audience in the future. Otherwise, they might become the most boycotted retailer in the country.


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